Bahcesehir University transcript

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The university has six campuses outside Turkey. The United States has two (Washington, D.C. and Boston), Canada one (Toronto), Italy one (Rome), Germany one (Berlin), and China one (Hong Kong). The university has more than 193 international partners and cooperates with world-renowned universities such as Harvard University (USA). Turkey has 3 different campuses in Istanbul. Buy fake degree in Turkey, # buy diploma in Turkey. Get Bachelor degree online, obtain a fake Turkey College degree. How to buy a fake degree from Turkey. Where to get a fake certificate in Turkey.

Bahce ş Ehir University was awarded the “Turkish Super Brand” award in 2007. The Bahce şehirUğur Educational Institution has 35 kindergartens, 18 primary schools and 47 secondary schools in Turkey, as well as 177 private educational centres. The current director is ş irinKaradeniz professor.

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