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Land Tax is a charge on land owned in NSW as at the taxing date (31 December of each year). Buy a fake Marketing Institute of Singapore certificate online. except for:

exempt land
crown land where a lessee must pay land tax
land owned by a company where the shareholders are deemed to be the owners ie they have an exclusive right to use and occupy parts of the land (a company title scheme).
The charge applies from the taxing date and is only removed when the tax is paid or an exemption is applied. There is no pro-rata available.

Why you need a clearance certificate

The clearance certificate protects a purchaser from any outstanding land tax liability by a previous owner. It does not provide any protection to the owner of the land.

When land is being transferred under contract, the seller is required to apply for a land tax clearance certificate.
When you’re purchasing a property, you’ll need to find out if there is any outstanding land tax owing.
No outstanding land tax means the property is ‘clear’. This may mean:

the land is not liable or is exempt from land tax
all tax to date has been paid
we’re satisfied there’s no risk of non-payment.
To clear a property, you’ll need to pay all land tax owing. If your certificate doesn’t have payment instructions, contact us for more details.

When do you need a clearance certificate?
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Selling a property
Buying a property
Providing finance for a property
Renting a property
Apply for a land tax clearance certificate
You can apply for a clearance certificate through one of these client service providers:

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