CSUSM degree

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San Marcos is located in the north of San Diego-in the heart of the Southern California coast. 50 kilometers north of San Diego and 150 kilometers south of Los Angeles. There are many tourist attractions near the school, including California’s most beautiful beaches, mountains and deserts. Where you can enjoy the endless fun of swimming, surfing, hiking, cycling and skiing. From here to San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Disneyland and Hollywood is also very convenient. The campus covers an area of ​​120 hectares and is located in the safe suburban town of San Marcos, where there are many shopping venues and restaurants.

California State University San Marcos is a university recognized by the American College of Education. It has 3 colleges, the College of Humanities and Sciences, Business School, and the College of Education offering 19 bachelor’s degrees and 8 master’s degrees. With 13 teaching credits, California State University San Marcos continually surpasses itself: In 2003, the school strengthened the study of criminology and litigation, and in 2004 it was more prepared for human kinematics and public Media Technology, Biochemistry, provide a master’s degree and a doctoral degree in education management courses.

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