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The about of Autonomous University of Madrid

The total area is 2,252,000 square meters, including 766,630 square meters of residence Area. 120,000 square meters of green park and 296,665 square meters are built next to the mountains, with a beautiful environment and complete infrastructure. The school buildings are both modern and classic castle colors. Many round porthole-like windows seem to tell the history of this once maritime power.

The Autonomous University of Madrid is divided into two parts. The Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Philosophy and Art, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Studies, the Faculty of Psychology, the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, and the Faculty Training and Education Faculty are located on the main campus, and the Faculty of Medicine is located in Lapa Zi” near the hospital. In the 01/02 school year, the school has 33,077 students, 2,157 teachers, and 836 administrative and logistics personnel. The university ranked fifth in the overall public universities in 2004.

Department Major

There are currently 5 colleges in the university: the School of Natural Sciences, the School of Political Science, the School of Economics and Trade, the School of Law and the School of Philosophy and Literature. There are departments of philosophy, literature, science, law, medicine, medicine and political science.

Middle school-level master’s majors are opened:

Service economy, business administration, accounting, auditing, finance, bank management, economic management, marketing, taxation and finance, Chinese culture, Japanese culture, social culture research and Latin American development, health care, social service management and guidance, quality management, Human resource guidance, sports psychology, journalism, biotechnology, environmental optimization, law, etc.

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