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The mission of the school is to cultivate senior industrial and commercial talents who can meet the challenges of today’s and ever-changing society. Adhering to the philosophy of applying what you have learned and running schools with integrity. Charles Sturt University has carefully selected courses with strong academic, high professionalism and promising employment prospects, and is committed to laying a solid foundation for students’ careers.

In 1997, Charles Sturt University was honorably selected as Australia’s “Best University”; in 2016, in the official survey of the school’s learning and teaching quality index, Charles Sturt University ranked first in Australia with an average graduate employment rate. The salary is the second in Australia; in the 2017 Australian University Disciplinary Comprehensive Evaluation, the business management major was ranked second in Australia and the computer science major ranked third. The 2019 U.S. News World University Rankings ranked 745th and 30th in Australia.

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