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The History of Nanyang Academy of Arts

In 1975, Nanyi opened the first amateur art design course to meet market demand. In 1982, it was further promoted to a full-time diploma program. After 1984, the departments of music, dance, interior design and fashion design were established successively. So far, there are six departments of Nanyi.

In 1991, Nanyi opened a piano class for gifted children. Two years later, the former Xin Guanghua Orchestra also joined the Nanyi lineup and was renamed the “Lion City Chinese Orchestra”. In order to promote the development of information technology in Singapore, Nanyi established a multimedia department in January 1997 with funding from the National Computer Administration.

At the same time, a school of visual arts, a school of performing arts and a school of clothing were also established. In August 1997, the drama department was established, which enabled the performing arts school to develop more comprehensively.

In July 1998, Nanyi jointly organized degree courses in fine arts and fine arts design with Australia Cody University of Technology and Western Sydney University. For those who want to improve themselves, Nanyi also offers courses such as an honorary degree in interior design and an honorary degree in clothing jointly organized with the University of Huddersfield and University of Nottenberg. Multimedia and music degree courses will also be launched later.

In January 1999, Nanyi established the Children’s Art School, reorganized its subordinate departments, and strengthened the popularization of children’s art. With the establishment of the school, the number of schools under Nanyi has increased to four.

In April 1999, Nanyi was promoted to an institution equivalent to the Polytechnic Institute and continued to maintain its autonomous status. Under this promotion plan, Nanyi will launch a visual arts degree program awarded by a national university within 5 years.

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