St. Ambrose University diploma

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St. Ambrose University is a private, male and female liberal arts university founded in 1882. It is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church in the Davenport area. The school campus is located in the Davenport area of ​​Iowa. . The school currently has 2,807 full-time students and 864 half-time students. St. Ambrose University is committed to cultivating students’ comprehensive development of intelligence, spirit, morality, society, art and physique, and enriching the lives of themselves and others. St. Ambrose University can grant bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. The majors offered include accounting, art education, biology, business management, Catholic studies, chemistry, computer and network surveys, computer information systems, computer network management, and computer science , Criminal Justice, Economics, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, English, Environmental Studies, Sports Science, Finance, Fine Arts, Forensic Psychology, History, Industrial Engineering, International Studies, Love…

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