University of California degree

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The University of California originated from the College of California, which was established in Oakland, California in 1853. On March 23, 1868, it was officially renamed “University of California” and the University of California was officially established. In 1873, the school moved to a new location outside of Auckland City, and to commemorate George Berkeley, one of the greatest philosophers of the 18th century, the new university city was named “Berkeley City”. At this time, the University of California is also equivalent to “University of California (Berkeley)”, and gradually opened branch campuses in Los Angeles, Davis and other places.

The University of California is the world’s largest university federation, and its universities rank among the best in various academic indicators and rankings. These campuses are independent and closely connected with each other. Each of them exists as an independent university, and together form the University of California, which is well-known in the United States and even the world.

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