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The area where the three campuses of the University of Toronto are located has a history of human activity for thousands of years. The water surface reached the height of Lake Ontario about 5000 years ago. In addition to the 19th-century land reclamation, the main rivers Rough, Don, Humber and Credit all flowed into the north bank of the lake. The former shoreline of the lake was almost the same as what we saw.

It was the ancestors of First Nation who first explored the lakeshore. They make a living by hunting and fishing, picking and planting finished products. However, they often migrate so that there are not many records. About 1600 years ago, people living on the North Shore became dependent on corn and other crops, and thus led a new and more stable life. There are also people who live in the middle of the North Shore, and their language may be named after the city of Toronto-the tree standing in the water.

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