George Washington University degree

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The school ’s main campus is located in downtown Washington, the capital of the United States, next to the United States Department of State, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. It is only a few blocks from the White House, as well as Mount Vernon and the Florida campus. Since its establishment, the school has continuously injected new blood into these important international organizations and government agencies, and is therefore often referred to as the “cradle of politicians.” The outstanding academic reputation and excellent position have given students too much internship and Career Opportunities. Alumni and students call themselves “Colonials”.

In 200 years, the school has stepped out of many people who have influenced the history of the world. Among them are many world-renowned political alumni, including former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, South Korean founding President Li Chengwan, 20 US governors, and 118 US congressmen. Members of the House of Representatives. Budget, it also produces a large number of business leaders, but Abby Josephine Cohen, General Manager of Goldman Sachs, Li Jianxi, President of South Korea’s Samsung Group, Edmund Aywerd, President of L’Oreal Paris.

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