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The about of Goethe University Frankfurt

Frankfurt University is named after the world-class writer Goethe to commemorate his spirit and contributions in the fields of literature, science and philosophy. Compared to other prestigious universities with a long history in Germany. The University of Frankfurt has prospered rapidly in just a hundred years of development. And 19 people have won the Nobel Prize (the fifth in Germany). The “Father of the Atomic Bomb” Oppenheimer and the world-renowned German football coach Jurgen Klopp are both graduates of the school.

The University of Frankfurt has strong scientific research capabilities and is the university with the most recipients of Germany’s most famous research award Leibniz-Award. The number of elite clusters at the University of Frankfurt is second in Germany. And Max Planck has three cooperative units at the University of Frankfurt. At the same time, the University of Frankfurt relies on the rich corporate resources and economic development of Frankfurt. Where it is located, to provide students with a large number of practical lectures and internship opportunities. According to the 2012 Global Graduate Employment Survey, Frankfurt University’s graduate employment competitiveness ranks tenth in the world and Germany’s first.

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