Memorial University of Newfoundland degree

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Now there are 16,682 full-time students, including more than 15,000 undergraduates and 3,200 master and doctoral students. Memorial has a world-class teaching environment. One of its notable features is small class teaching and a stable team of full-time professors. This is the main factor to ensure good teaching quality. There are 1672 teachers and the lowest student/faculty ratio in Canadian universities (10 1) The faculty advantage is very suitable for foreign students to go to further study, so every year it can attract a large number of domestic students to study abroad.

At the same time, the university’s business school is the only 13 university in Canada that has passed AACSB (AACSB is the most authoritative certification body for management education, which aims to promote accredited and accredited schools to increase student enrollment. Standards, teachers and management standards. The scale and standards of management education in the United States are ahead of the world, so AACSB’s norms and evaluation standards have become the highest standards for management education in the world.) One of the accredited universities.

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