Mykolas Romeris University degree

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The credits accumulated by students at the university can be transferred to universities in other European countries. The key discipline of the university is social science, including economics, law, public affairs management, financial management, psychology, sociology, education, social welfare work, social policy, and so on. Buy a fake degree in Lithuania, # buy diploma in Lithuania. Get a realistic degree online, obtain a fake Lithuania College degree. How to buy a fake degree from Lithuania. Where to get a fake diploma certificate in Lithuania.

Teaching languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian

Major setting (undergraduate): international accounting and auditing, business system innovation and management, international business and logistics, communication and data marketing, cross-cultural communication, leisure and entertainment education, financial industry, law,

Social pedagogy and legal foundations, public policy management, psychology, English as a second language, tourism management and heritage, information and digital content, translation and editing.

Professional setting (master): public management, public relations management, social technology management. Is it possible to buy a realistic Universität Stuttgart diploma in 2022?


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