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As early as 1887, when RMIT was founded, it was only a vocational training college. Because of its curriculum design to meet the needs of various sectors of the society at that time, it became famous. During World War II, RMIT played an important role in national construction and development. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom awarded RMIT the Royal Special Honor Award to encourage all its contributions to the country. RMIT has thus become the only school in Australia that has received this royal honor. Today, 128 years later, RMIT has become a world-renowned university, ranking among the two hundred famous universities in the world.

Among them, the RMIT School of Architecture ranked among the top ten architecture schools in the world in 2014. Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Architectural Alliance School (AA School of Architecture), ETH Zurich, University of Cambridge, etc. also received this honor.

The design profession ranks among the top ten in the world and the first in Australia.

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