Order Process

Step 1 –Contacting us to request a quote and fill out the order form below.

Step 2 –Pay 50% down payment as deposit, then we start the work immediately.

Step 3 –We send you the electronic draft once designing did, so you can check the spelling and details.

Step 4 –Pay the rest 50% after you confirm the electronic draft, then we will arrange printing and production.

Step 5 –After printing done, we will show you the photos of your documents, so you can check the details again.

Step 6 –After you confirm it, then packing and deliver with a tracking number.

Step 7 –Finally we will delete all your data to protect your privacy.

Order Form

For some fields, if you do not know how to fill them out or can not provide them, please just leave them blank and we will help you arrange them.

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Payment Methods

Western Union. If you are in USA, UK, Australia, Canada or France some European countries. you can pay online, and western union supports credit/debit card. For other countries, if it doesn’t support to transfer online, you can find the nearest WU location to send money. Western union online payment link

MoneyGram. You can find a MoneyGram location or pay online as well. online payment link
International Wire Transfer. Transfer online or go to the bank also fine. In this payment way, It usually will take about 1-3 days to reach our account, so if you are urgent to receive your diploma, this payment way is not a good option.
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