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Purchase Temasek Poly diploma, how to get a Temasek Poly diploma, The Temasek Poly Diploma Sample,Temasek Polytechnic Singapore was established in 1990 ,and  it is directly under the Ministry of Education of Singapore.

It is one of the most comprehensive schools in Singapore. The College is located in the east of Singapore and covers an area of 30 hectares. It has five major departments: Business School, School of Applied Science, School of Information Technology, School of Design and Engineering. A total of 44 full-time college courses and 40 amateur courses, with approximately 15,000 student names.

Each college has a separate canteen, 8-story teaching office building, and a separate parking lot. There are stepped classrooms, computer rooms, laboratories and various multimedia classrooms in the teaching building.

In addition, the library on the 11th floor is located on the side of the school’s central triangle square, and it provides a variety of software and hardware resources.

The first floor is the copy binding office, and the second to fourth floors provide the most advanced computers and fast internet.

Magazines and newspapers and reading areas are also provided on the third floor, and the fourth floor is the audio-visual borrowing and playing room.

The fifth to eighth floors are mainly book collection areas and self-study areas, as well as a large number of group discussion rooms and independent study rooms.

Power supplies can be found throughout the library for students to use electronic devices such as laptops. Above the ninth floor is the meeting room and teacher’s reading area.

Temasek Institute of Technology recognition

Currently, more than 200 universities in Singapore and Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States recognize Temasek Polytechnic diplomas. Students can apply for further education after graduation.

Students can apply for further studies at the university after graduation. In addition, the college has a leading position in teaching methods, teaching facilities and teaching management. At Temasek Polytechnic, every student’s potential is fully realized.


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