UK apostille

Where to apostille my UK degree and transcript online. Do I need the USA apostille when I am going to work in other countries? How to Apply for an Apostille for my UK degree and transcript. Is the UK part of the apostille? How do I get something Apostilled in the UK? How much does apostille cost UK? How long does an apostille take UK? Degree certificates are legal when you need to provide proof of your qualifications to an individual or organization in another country. The best guide to applying for the apostille for your documents.


Applying for a job in another country usually requires the legalization of your degree certificate or other qualification. We can legitimise all academic documents, from GCSE results to PHD certificates. We can also legalize professional or vocational training documents. Our comprehensive service will ensure that your documents are legalized quickly and correctly.

In many cases, we can include your transcripts and other certificates by organizing a set of files. This can save you money if you have many files to use in one country/region.


Legalizing copies of degree certificates is a common practice. Legalizing a Hague-certified qualification document permanently marks the document, so we recommend providing certified copies whenever possible. If you are unsure whether a certified copy of your document can be Hague certified, we recommend that you contact the body that requires you to be Hague certified. In some countries, they require all academic documents to be considered originals. Colombia usually requires originals, but now more and more Arab documents are stamped with Hague-certified originals.

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