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University of Sherbrooke.

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Introduction to the University of Sherbrooke

The students have enough reasons to be proud of the brilliant achievements of the school. The spirit of the school is most evident in the first-class sports center of the University of Sherbrooke, which has a swimming pool the size of an Olympic swimming pool, two large gymnasiums and a 200-meter indoor track. The school has a track and field field that can accommodate 1,000 people and its own school football team. The school also enjoys friendly matches with neighboring institutions.

The school is also always ready to show off its style in the first-class domestic arena. Dean Buchard said, “We are a relatively young school. We still need time to establish our own reputation, but we already have our own unique strength. From the beginning, our spirit and central values ​​are different from others. The school. The secret of our success lies in the people who make up our school: We have nurtured high-end leaders because we hope our graduates can have a long-term impact on society.”

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