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How to get a fake University of Paris VIII diploma online. Where to get a fake University of Paris VIII degree. The University of Paris VIII or University of Vincennes in Saint-Denis (French: Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis or Université de Vincennes à Saint-Denis) is a public university in Paris. Once part of the federal University of Paris system. It is now an autonomous public institution and is part of the Université Paris Lumières. Most undergraduate degrees (except modern languages) are taught in French. Get University of Paris VIII degree certificate, obtain University of Paris VIII degree. Get Université Paris 8 licence online, French diploma service. Buy a fake New York University diploma

It is one of the thirteen successors of the world’s second oldest academic institution, the University of Paris, and was established shortly before the latter officially ceased to exist on 31 December 1970. It was founded as a direct response to events of May 1968. This response was twofold: it was sympathetic to students’ demands for more freedom, but also represented the movement of students out of central Paris, especially the Latin Quarter, where the street fighting of 1968 had taken place.

Founded in 1969, the new experimental institution was named Centre Universitaire Expérimental de Vincennes (CUEV) in Vincennes. In 1971, it gained full university status, thus allowing it to award its own degrees, and renamed “Université Paris VIII”. Since moving to Saint-Denis in 1980, the university has become a major teaching and research centre for humanities in the Île-de-France region.

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