University of Saskatchewan degree

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The University of Saskatchewan has 17 departments and 1 continuing education center, providing teaching in various disciplines such as science, engineering, agriculture, business, art, medicine, computer, dentistry, environment, law, and nursing. There are nearly 50 undergraduate degrees, more than 70 master’s degrees, and more than 80 doctoral degrees, mainly taught in English. The key research areas of the school include light source synchrotron research, vaccines and infectious disease research.

The University of Saskatchewan has a rigorous academic style and strong faculty. It is famous for its small class teaching and high teaching level. According to the Maclean’s small class ranking of Maclean’s, the authoritative Canadian education magazine. The University of Saskatchewan ranks first in the third and fourth grades, and the first and second grades are in the top five. The school has trained 2 Nobel Prize winners and 69 Rhodes scholarship winners, and trained a Canadian Prime Minister and a Canadian Governor.

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