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History-University of the West Indies

The university was established in 1948 through the West Indies Subcommittee chaired by Sir James Owen on the recommendation of the Asquis Committee. In 1943, the Asquis Committee was established to review the provision of higher education in the British colonies. At first, it had a special relationship with the University of London. The University College of the West Indies (UCWI) was located in Mona, about 5 miles from Kingston, Jamaica. This university is located in the Gibraltar camp used by Gibraltarians who were evacuated during the war.

In order to meet the needs of health care, the first university established was a medical school. The foundation stone of the hospital was added in 1949, and the University College Hospital of the West Indies opened in 1953. On January 18, 1953, Winston Churchill visited the hospital and unveiled a plaque in recognition of the contribution made by the United Kingdom government to the hospital. Obtained full university status. The hospital provides patient care, and the hospital also promotes research and teaching together with the medical services department of the University of West Indies Munnar campus.

In 1962, the University College gained independent university status. The St. Augustine campus in Trinidad, formerly known as the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture (ICTA). It was established in 1960, followed by a school established along University Street in the Deepwater Port of Barbados, and later located in the present Cave Mountain in 1967 Campus. Since then, open campuses and university centers led by a resident tutor have been established in the territories of 13 other donors.

In 1950, Queen Victoria’s last granddaughter, the Countess of Arthuron, Princess Hera Alice, became the first president of the University College of the West Indies.

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