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About the University of Colorado

The University of Colorado Boulder (CU-Boulder) is a first-class public research university in the United States. It became a member of the American Association of Universities in 1966 and was named a public Ivy League in 1985. In 2011, it was invited to join one of the five NCAA leagues. Pacific 12 Schools Alliance. As the flagship of the University of Colorado, the school is located in Boulder, a city with beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate, 60 kilometers away from the state capital of Denver, in the Rocky Mountain Col. The university ranked 50th in the 2020 U.S. News World University Rankings [1], and ranked 38th in the Academic Ranking of World University Rankings in 2019

University of Colorado Denver | The Anschutz Medical School District has two campuses, one is the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver, and the other is the Anschutz Medical School in the neighboring city of Aurora. The state’s largest research institution attracts more than $375 million in research grants each year.

The University of Colorado Springs (UCCS) is the fastest growing campus in the CU system. The school has 25 world Olympic champions and 1 Pulitzer Prize winner alumni. At the same time, the school is also the location of the US National Cyber ​​Security Center. To send many talents to the field of computer and network security.

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